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A Potbelly Pig Day - Meet Gio & Clarence

Posted on 03-23-2016

Gio is a cute, cuddly and usually healthy little piggy but all of a sudden he is drinking too much water and with drinking comes urination. He’s doing too much of that too. We are doing some tes...

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A Hero on the Beach

Posted on 03-17-2016

Our own Dr. Leitner was on the beach in Florida when he noticed a pelican walking with difficulty. When he got closer, he saw a fish hook caught in his beak and a lot of wire wrapped around his bod...

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Cooper's Toe

Posted on 03-13-2016

Cooper will not stop chewing on his toe. Somehow Cooper hurt his toe; he got an abrasion on his hind foot on the middle of the pad. Cooper is a beautiful Wheaton, active and loving, but Wheaton’...


Helping Out A Deer Friend

Posted on 03-01-2016

As soon as I walked into the door it started. Penn, a Cavalier in heart failure who was gasping for breath had just walked in. The husky, Ruby, had been in a fight with her older sister Zoey, a bigger...

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Everyone is friendly and cooperative. Many suggestions were given to me to provide the best quality of life for my dog, yet I was not pressured into doing all of them. Very pleasant experience for our family!

Patrice B.
South Salem, NY

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