In order to make our pets Fear Free™, our first task is to understand what our pets are feeling. We have been trained in reading their body language and adept to what they are communicating to us. There are a great many things and techniques that we use to help our pet and their people have a totally good experience at our hospitals.

A lot goes into Fear Free™. Fear Free™ starts at home including a comfortable happy ride to our office. Once your pet arrives we try to create a positive experience. We use treats…. lots of them. Pheromones, scents that makes them feel safe. Avoiding things that frighten, cover cat carriers, moving out of waiting room quickly, some dogs prefer to wait in the car.

We have soft “dog and cat music” playing in the exam rooms. We use non slip pads to make our pets feel secure and soft blankets that have been sprayed with pheromones.

Thundershirts are helpful for some pets. Some pets feel safer with the tight fitted compression shirt.
Extra “high value” treats are used in the office and procedure rooms.

Extra handlers and distractors help our pets feel safer and happier.

We swaddle cats in towels and blankets and use warming pads that our patients enjoy . We let our patients explore the exam room so they feel more comfortable after “checking things out”.

We use natural “chill pills” if needed and also more pharmaceutical “chill pills” if necessary.

We buy specialized low volume vaccines to make inoculations more comfortable.

We invite our canine patients to come in for “happy visits” which is where we lavish them with treats either in our office or in the car to get them to associate us with something good. Like extra good tasting treats.

We do all this and much more to ensure our patients are happy, comfortable, and Fear Free™. And we are happy to do it because we think it is the right thing to do. We even keep a separate emotional record on your pet to know what they like and what they don’t like, what makes them happy and what doesn’t.