In order for your pet to relax when he or she arrives at our office they must first enjoy the ride over.

Read this if your pet doesn’t like car rides otherwise skip it:
To get a dog to like a car ride give him treats near the car and in the car, feed him near the car and in the car so he starts to associate the car with something pleasurable. Consider spraying the car with Adaptil pheromones it will make the car seem safer. When he or she is relaxed in the car and happily taking treats without the car moving then while someone is continuing to give small delicious treats (roasts beef or cheese) start driving if your dog gets nervous then you have proceeded to quickly. You may need to just move up and down the driveway until he or she is ok with a “small drive”. Eventually drive to the ice cream store and get some vanilla ice cream he will definitely like that and hopefully thoroughly want to get into the car and like car rides.

Happy Visits:
You can bring him to our hospital for “happy visits” where we will lavish him with treats and hopefully associate us with treats and a fun time. Then on real visits to us he will be relaxed and happy to be with us and of course receive more treats from us.

Don’t feed him on the day of the veterinary exam. That way if he or she is a little hungry we will have more success giving our treats to make them happy and distract them.

We will always let your dog examine and explore our exam rooms that they are more comfortable and feel safe. We will also examine him or her in the place of his or her choosing on our table, the floor, a chair or in your lap. The most important thing is that they are not frightened and that they are comfortable.

This is our mission, this is what we do, this is the right thing to do for your beloved pet.