“Emotional Pain is the worst pain a social species like a human, dog or cat can experience.”

The above quote is by a board certified veterinary behaviorist Debbie Horowitz. On the board of Fear Free™ are more than 40 board certified veterinary behaviorists, as well as some of the world’s most prominent veterinarian’s and the animal rights advocate and author Temple Gradin.

Our pets definitely have emotions and can be hurt and even emotionally scared by fear, anxiety and stress. We in the veterinary profession both the doctors and our entire teams are in this because we love animals. Now because of our love for animals we need to pay attention not just to their physical problems but also to their emotional well-being.

We should make sure we don’t scare them, hurt them, or stress them when we do our exams or procedures. Even when we cut their nails, we must make sure that we do no harm to them either
physically or emotionally.

We as a group can strive to accomplish this and at South Salem Animal Hospital we do.