Dr. Jeffrey Hubsher

Dr. Jeffrey Hubsher always wanted to be a veterinarian. Up until he was six years old however, he wanted to be a cowboy (difficult for a kid growing up in Brooklyn!). But after that he knew his calling was to be a veterinarian. “It was kind of like a dream come true”.

Dr. Hubsher has been in practice since 1980. He is an active member of the AVMA, CVMA, FCVMA, and NYVMA. He has worked as a veterinarian in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Peekskill NY, and Franklin Square, NY and in an emergency clinic on Long Island.

He has been co-owner of the South Salem Animal Hospital since 1984, and Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital since 2000. Dr. Hubsher is a consultant for R.O.A.R., Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue.

Dr. Hubsher loves being a veterinarian. He is a general practitioner and his goal is to provide extraordinary veterinary care in all aspects of his practice. In addition, he has advanced training in veterinary dental care and has a special interest in ear diseases. He is a progressive clinician who attends many continuing education seminars and who insists on having the most advanced and specialized equipment in his two hospitals. Dr. Hubsher not only provides care to cats and dogs, but also treats birds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, pot bellied pigs, pet goats and pet sheep, you name it.

To quote Dr. Hubsher on his philosophy of practice: “It’s very important and fulfilling for me to help pets and their people. I believe that there should be a partnership between the veterinarian, the pet and the pet’s family too. This partnership is helpful in deciding how to deliver the best, most compassionate care possible to our patients.”

Dr. Hubsher and his wife Lauren live on a farm in Ridgefield, CT. They have two daughters named Sierra and Willow.They share their home with three dogs, a cat, a parrot, parakeets and finches, a goldfish named Fruity, horses, a donkey, two pigs, two sheep, three goats, some chickens and rabbits, and two peacocks. When he’s not working, Dr. Hubsher enjoys traveling, horseback riding, surfing and skiing.

Dr. Allison Sarno

“I always wanted to be a veterinarian.” Says Dr. Allison Sarno, “since I was two years old.” At four years old, she wrote to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine telling them of her career choice. They sent her a brochure. She still has it.

Animals have always been a part of Dr. Sarno’s life. She grew up in Merrick, Long Island where her mom bred Great Danes and Doxies. The first pet of her own was a cat that she named Puffenstein. She rescued this stray when she was only six years old. In addition, like many young girls, she loved horses and rode every summer in Windham, New York.

Dr. Sarno graduated from Colorado State University and then went on to veterinary school, graduating from Ross Veterinary College in 1987. Her veterinary experience has been extensive. She has been involved in critical care and veterinary emergency medicine as well as general practice with an emphasis on surgery. She is a cutting edge veterinarian who is accredited in stem cell transplants to aid pets with degenerative and crippling joint injuries.

Dr. Sarno is passionate about wildlife rehabilitation. In addition to having cared for and released bobcats, deer, skunks, owls, raptors and raccoons, she has also worked on the Black Rhino and Elephant Trunk Paralysis Project in Zimbabwe.

Dr. Allison Sarno has clearly been involved with animals all her life. But probably as important to her is relating to the people whose animals are brought in to see her. She is truly compassionate, understanding, and a joy to interact with. After meeting her as a relief veterinarian, our staff lobbied to bring her in full time because they liked working with her. When you meet her, you will like her too.

Although no longer mountain climbing and sky diving, Dr. Sarno remains active enjoying trail running and hiking and working in her churches soup kitchen.

Dr. Sarno lives in Southbury, CT with her husband Vinny and her two sons Nicholas and Jake. Her sons are extraordinary athletes which is why on most weekends or summer evenings you can find her at their baseball, or football games, or karate tournaments, or relaxing with her two Arabian horses and her big dog Brax.

Dr. Pia Hiekkaranta

Dr. Pia was just eight years old when she told her parents that she had decided to become a veterinarian. She is a graduate of the Veterinary School at the University of Helsinki. She worked in Finland for over twenty years as a Municipal Veterinarian, and lived on a farm just north of Helsinki with her husband, three children, and an assortment of animals including: sheep, dogs, cats, horses, and pigs.

Since relocating to the United States in 1997, Dr. Pia decided to focus solely on small animals, mainly dogs and cats, but also exotic pets. She has always been incredibly passionate about her work, and she likes to keep herself abreast of cutting edge veterinary medicine by frequently attending continuing education courses and veterinary conferences. Dr. Pia now lives in Goldens Bridge, NY with her husband, their dog “Tuisku,” and cat “Blue.”

Meet Our Team

The South Salem Animal Hospital staff consists of a team of highly trained technicians, pharmacy and laboratory specialists and dedicated kennel workers. You’ll find our receptionists to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Our office administrator keeps things running smoothly so our entire staff can devote their time to your pets.

You can be confident that exceptional care in a compassionate, nurturing environment is what you’ll receive from everyone at South Salem Animal Hospital.