Veterinarian Supervised Pet Boarding and Daycare

Boarding Information
When your pets are visiting with us, we’ll make sure their stay is clean,healthy, comfortable, and fun. We provide toys, blankets and treats to make them feel more at home. We feed high quality food that is available in many different formulas based on your pet’s health, needs and taste.

Several different types of boarding are available for you to choose from. In addition to dogs and cats, we welcome birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits and rodents.

Please give us a call if you should have any questions or don’t see a service listed you may be interested in as we may be able to accommodate your needs.

Canine Accommodations

Standard Boarding:

  • Veterinary supervision seven days a week.
  • Comfortable heated/air-conditioned kennels.
  • Walks three times a day.
  • Fresh water at all times.
  • Feeding schedule that matches your home schedule.
  • Blankets, toys and mats.
  • Health evaluation and daily veterinary supervision.
  • Plenty of interesting things and people to watch.

South Salem Animal Hospital offers several boarding upgrades for your dog:

  • The Miami Beach: (For seniors or pampered pooches)
    • Thick foam bedding pads, additional outside time to keep them limber and diminish intestinal upset and extra “TLC” and brushing
  • The Walkabout: (For dogs who love leash walks)
    • Two extra leash walks along the grassy paths.
  • Special Needs: (For dogs with serious health conditions)
    • The Doctor will personally monitor your pet’s condition every day.

Don’t forget Doggie Daycare!

Drop off your pooch when you are working or away for the day. Why should they be lonely? Dogs with friendly temperaments can play outside in our private dog park.

Farm Boarding

at Rickety Hill Farm, Ridgebury Rd, Ridgefield, CT

  • Cozy, in-home, cage-free living for dog-friendly dogs.
  • Large fenced field for Dog Park type fun with the other farm dogs.
  • Smaller fenced yards for smaller breeds.
  • Lots of interesting people coming and going to play with, and animals to check out.
  • Long leash walks in the woods & country roads available.
  • Veterinarian on premises.
  • We specialize in gentle care for geriatric, post-surgery & infirm pets.
  • Vaccines and medical history required.
  • Please call Lauren for more information: (203) 438-4686.

Let our Vet Taxi pick-up and deliver your pet for added convenience!

Feline Accommodations

Standard Boarding:

  • Veterinary supervised seven days a week.
  • Comfortable heated/air-conditioned kennels.
  • Cat beds, blankets and toys.
  • Fresh kitty litter daily.
  • Fresh water at all times.
  • Feeding schedule to match home schedule.
  • Ears, skin and teeth examined upon entry.
  • Plenty of interesting things to satisfy your cat’s natural curiosity.

Cats Exclusive Hotel
Our cat “Hotel” is located on our sunny, second floor in a cozy, homelike setting.

Includes all the standard feline boarding features, plus:

  • Extra large single or double enclosures with a shelf for your cat to view the world.
  • Cushioned cat beds.
  • Cat toys, ball, and bells.
  • Plenty of windows for your cats viewing pleasure.
  • Fresh catnip from our garden.(seasonally)
  • The freedom to leave their cage and roam around the “Hotel.”
  • Plenty of windows to look outside and gaze at birds.


We also offer boarding for exotics.


We also offer boarding for our feathered friends.

All boarding reservations for holiday and peak times must be confirmed with a credit card. A cancellation fee will be charged for reservations not cancelled within 5 days of entry.